A Doctor of Chiropractic & Craniopathy conducts a clinical analysis for the express purpose of determining whether there is evidence of Vertebral Subluxation and/or Cranial-Sacral Syndrome Complexes. When such complexes are found, Chiropractic adjustments and ancillary procedures may be given in an attempt to restore spinal and cranial integrity. NOTE: It is our premise that pelvic, spinal and cranial alignment allows nerve transmission throughout the body and gives the body an opportunity to use its inherent recuperative powers. Due to the complexities of nature, no Doctor can promise you specific results. This depends upon the inherent recuperative powers of your body.


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Cranial Specific Technique

Dr. Bruce Davis D.C. developed Cranial Specific Technique over the last twenty three years of research. It is based on the work of Dr. Major Dejarnette D.C. the founder of Sacro-Occipital Technique and Dr. David Denton D.C. founder of Vector Point Cranial Therapy. Dr. Davis expounded on the work taught him by two of the masters in Cranial Therapy and developed a system using exclusive Cranial Points to treat every area of the body. He also was the first to incorporate eye movement in integrating the neurological treatment. This allows the brain (the main frame) to reset the nerve pathways (programs) to the joints of the body (proprioceptor computers). This work is”Revolutionary” for Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Physical Therapy, Massage and Medicine because it is non-traumatic, has no side effects, and is so specific that you notice immediate results. The cause of the muscle tension is found and released directly from the spinal cord. No more popping joints or rubbing muscles hoping they will stay released. The Cranium houses the computer (brain) that controls all the programs to the muscles of the body. Cranial Specific Therapy reprograms and updates the computer so the joints of the body move correctly.


The purpose of Chiropractic care is to promote health through natural procedures. Since there are so many variables, it is difficult to predict the time schedule or efficiency of the Chiropractic procedures, although sometimes the response is phenomenal. In most cases, there is a gradual, but quite satisfactory response. Occasionally, the results are less than expected. Two or more similar conditions may respond differently to the same Chiropractic care. Many Medical failures find quick relief through Chiropractic. In turn, we must admit that conditions which do not respond to Chiropractic care may come under the control or be helped through Medical science. The fact is that the science of Chiropractic care may come under the control or be helped through Medical science. The fact is that the science of Chiropractic and Allopathic Medicine may never be so exact as to provide definite answers to all problems. Both have made great strides in alleviating pain controlling disease.

If you feel you need further explanation, PLEASE discuss any questions or concerns with our front office staff member or with Dr. Bruce Davis prior to signing this statement of policy.

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